Everyday Is A Great Day For Barbie Including Halloween

Barbie Is Top Pop Culture Halloween Costume In America

New research conducted by fashion experts Boohoo reveals the most Googled Halloween costumes in each state over the past month. Boohoo is a Kourtney Kardashian company. The analysis reveals that Barbie is the most popular character to dress up as this Halloween in America. The character is the most searched-for costume in 14 states, including Connecticut, Massachusetts, and California. Since its box office debut in July and becoming Warner Bros.’s highest grossing worldwide release of all time, Barbie has dominated the fashion world with pink glitz and glamour. This year, Barbie has taken over the spooky season as well.



Alternatively, dressing as a Skeleton is the most popular traditional costume this Halloween, with 14 states searching for skeleton costumes the most. Over the years, celebrities have dressed up as skeletons for Halloween, with Kourtney Kardashian just recently posting a Fall-inspired photo posing in a skeleton-themed onesie with matching earrings.



Inspiration from The Addams Family appears popular every year, but ‘Wednesday Addams’ is the second most searched-for costume this year. 12 states search for Wednesday Addams costume more than any other pop culture costume or character, including Florida, Ohio and Vermont. In contrast, for those who are looking for a more traditional costume, the second most popular classic costume to dress as is a Ghost, topping nine states.

‘Princess Peach’ from Super Mario Bros is the third most Googled pop culture costume across America, with nine states searching for it the most, including Indiana, Nevada and Texas. Dressing as a Vampire or a Zombie is also a popular option this year as they are the third most searched-for traditional costumes, which are Googled the most in six states.


GDUSA’s December 2009 edition


Two costumes came in fourth place for pop culture costumes. ‘Harley Quinn’ is the most searched for in four states, including Washington and Tennessee, while ‘Weird Barbie’ from the Barbie movie also receives the highest number of searches in four states. As for traditional costumes, four states each want to dress as a witch this Halloween.

The study revealed that dressing up as ‘Cruella de Vil’ from 101 Dalmations and ‘Wonder Woman’ is the joint fifth most popular this Halloween. Two states search for ‘Cruella de Vil costume’ more than any other costume, including Alaska and Wisconsin, and two states also search for ‘Wonder Woman costume’ the most, including South Carolina and New Jersey. Alternatively, dressing as a classic dog or a pirate is the fifth most popular traditional costume, receiving the highest number of searches in three states.

Fun facts: For pop-culture costumes, Pennsylvania is the only state in America searching the most for Catwoman, Arizona is the only state searching the most for Gwen Stacy from Spider-man, and Louisiana is searching the most for Poison Ivy.

In terms of traditional costumes, Delaware and Utah are searching the most for the classic cat costume, compared to North Carolina, which is searching the most for an angel costume, Kansas is searching for a clown the most, and Arkansas is opting for a scarecrow costume above any other classic costumes.

A spokesperson for Boohoo commented on the findings, “These findings provide an exciting insight into what are the biggest costume trends of the year, predicting that we can expect to see plenty of Barbies and a load of skeletons this spooky season. ”