Five WPP Units Merge Into ‘Super’ Branding Agency

Superunion is a new global brand agency that combines the expertise of five WPP companies: Brand Union’s strategic strength and global influence, The Partners’ creative excellence, Lambie-Nairn’s history in identity and motion graphics, Addison’s understanding of corporate audiences, content development and digital delivery and the premium packaging offer of VBAT.


The new agency is led by Global CEO Jim Prior and Simon Bolton as Executive Chairman, and encompasses 750 people with 23 offices in 18 countries, and client billings in excess of $100 million worldwide. Clients include Diageo, FIFA, Ford, Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Vodafone. By combining these five specialist agencies, explains Global CEO Prior, Superunion is able to work with clients across a broader spectrum of critical audiences that competitors, including corporate, consumer, customer and talent, and together provide a more complete view of the role of brand in driving strategic advantage for clients. Adds Executive Chair Bolton: “Using our core principle of creative optimism and bringing the power of creativity to organisations, we are creating union that drives business growth.”