25 Logos In 25 Weeks

KALĀKATTĀ Design Studio, a new Bridgewater NJ-based boutique venture, has produced an extensive collection of logos for PID Floors, a leader in the hardwood flooring industry. Entitled “25 logos in 25 weeks,” Kalakatta’s founder and owner Sonal Gadre-Shintre decided to design monochromatic logos for each of PID’s collections of hardwood products. Keeping the values of the umbrella brand in mind, the unique features of each collection are highlighted with clever design elements and nuances of typography – an angled wordmark for the Angle collection; a stylized Recycle icon for the Reclaimed and Cork collections; and French-inspired typography for the Chene collection.Despite the fact that all communication had to be carried out virtually due to COVID, “the team at PID Floors has given me complete artistic liberty,” acknowledges Gadre-Shintre. “Our efforts helped give each collection a distinct identity.” With a decade of experience in India, the US and Europe, Gadre-Shintre described this as “a dream-come-true project!”