AI Uncovers Must-Have Fall Colors

Pantone and analytics platform Heuritech have been able to spot the must-have colors for Fall 2020 through image recognition applied to social media posts. While Pantone is renowned worldwide for its expertise in colors, Heuritech contributes the power of data and artificial intelligence to bring a quantitative analysis to colors in the fashion industry, enabling the industry to quantify the volume of colors seen among consumers and influencers. Together Pantone and Heuritech uncovered five color palettes that are a key source of inspiration for Fall 2020 collections.


Bright teal brings to mind the 80s and is emblematic of the excessiveness of the era, while cool green brings to mind wellness and a sense of calm. Perhaps due to the pandemic the medical associations that arise with this color will resonate more strongly than they would otherwise.


Pastel colors are typically associated with warmth and springtime, reminiscent of flowers and nature. This palette also brings to mind a sense of nostalgia, as soft tones are delicate and playful, and remind people of their childhood.

Earth Tones

Earth tones are also reminiscent of nature and are favored by sophisticated, minimalist brands like Max Mara, as well as more edgy brands such as Georgian label Materiel.

Blue Tones

Bold, cheerful blue is a favorite amongst influencers on Instagram. Muted, calm blues are less of a statement, but can easily be paired with other colors.


Pink will carry on through the fall and become even more visible on social media, with a wide variety of tones. Although pink is traditionally feminine, many men will also adopt this trend as well.