Kick Responds For EMS Product Launch

Nonin Medical, Inc. has partnered with branding and design agency KICK to launch a new medical device for the EMS market. The CO-Pilot is a handheld device with wireless capabilities that helps EMS, firefighters and military personnel measure patient vital signs following cardiac arrest, traumatic injury, carbon monoxide or smoke inhalation. KICK, which has a wide-range of medical and healthcare experience, established the brand strategy and branding, along with a launch campaign and product packaging. The campaign theme is “Trust What’s in Your Hands” which highlights the relative reliability of CO-Pilot. KICK also leveraged the flashing lights of an emergency setting, indicating seriousness and urgency while showcasing the technology and innovation that CO-Pilot offers. The campaign communicates the technology’s reliability, durability and precision for the people who use it. Christine Horton is Vice President of Global Marketing at Nonin.