London Diners Get New York Edge

For more than 15 years and across 12 locations, The Breakfast Club has remained a fixture of London’s fast-casual scene, known for its ’80s-themed decor and delicious food. The diners have endeared themselves to so many, but needed a more unified look. Partnering with New York-based brand design studio ThoughtMatter, The Breakfast Club launched a new identity that keeps its iconic visual tone but with a New York twist that showcases why the brand is “locally world famous.”


ThoughtMatter redesigned the range of materials – the logo, sub-brands, menus and merchandise – refining the color palette, typography, messaging, and illustrations to reflect the restaurant’s friendly and inviting personality and emphasize the brand’s renown in London. The new color palette was inspired by egg yolk, pancake batter, tomato and marmite – ingredients close to The Breakfast Club’s heart.