Energizer Bunny A Hero To DDW

DDW has reinvented the Energizer brand with help from the tireless Energizer Bunny. Partnering closely with Energizer ad agency Camp + King, the DDW design team developed new branding and packaging that features a larger than life Energizer Bunny, who takes his “rightful place as the proud hero of the No. 1 battery brand.” With the number one competitor being a serious black and copper, a lighthearted focus on the character helped the San Francisco-based design firm create a contrasting feel that is “bright and optimistic and maybe even a bit cheeky.”



This is complemented by a strategic and singular packaging system that is both highly organized and extremely flexible, given that Energizer has a massive global portfolio with thousands of different packages, in various shapes and sizes as well, that span many categories across markets and languages. Ross Patrick, Executive Creative Director, DDW SF, says that the approach is “a clear break from the competitive set” and  “brings the Energizer Bunny to life — echoing the advertising and celebrating this unique visual icon,” which in turn leads to a clean, radiant battery and lighting packaging system.