COLLINS Visualizes Can-Do Attitude

Helping NEXT Insurance Commit To Small Businesses

NEXT Insurance, a self-described “digital insurtech company” with a focus on small business insurance, has announced a strategic rebrand inspired by the mission to help entrepreneurs thrive. To better align the brand to its company ethos, NEXT tapped COLLINS to bring to life and shape the mission through a reimagined brand strategy, visual identity, logo, communications and website.



Between the struggle of legacy insurance’s one-size fits-all coverage and the immediate impact COVID-19 had on small businesses, NEXT’s rebrand comes at a critical time for small business owners. “Our vision with the rebrand was to mirror their dedication and inspire the business community we support,” said Daniel Surgeon, Associate Creative Director, NEXT. “We wanted to capture the perspective and sentiment of all small businesses from cleaners to carpenters, to restaurant owners and retailers, with designs and visuals that integrate them into the narrative. We wanted to create a system that radiated optimism.”



The design team looked back to other periods during which people remained optimistic in the face of cultural and economic turmoil – like the Great Depression and the inflation and tumult of the 1970s. They came up with a playful, hand-drawn style that captures the sincerity, positivity, and gritty can-do ethos of those earlier eras. “We worked to bring to life a new strategy and brand system that would help shift how small businesses see the role of insurance in their lives and show how NEXT can support them to ‘Get Going,’” comments Brian Collins, CCO & Founder of  COLLINS.

NEXT worked with global creative company BUCK and sound design company Barking Owl to created an animated advertising campaign to launch the new brand.