Colossus Cultivates Feel Good Greens

‘We Wanted To Have Fun With This One’

Boston design and creative agency Colossus has created its first campaign and branding exercise for indoor vertical farming company Bowery Farming. The campaign, titled “Feel Good Greens” is largely driven by the quirky characters imagined by French illustrator, who brought her dark, yet strangely relatable style to the project. Together, Colossus and Boglio worked to contrast life’s little (and not so little) letdowns with Bowery’s immaculate salad greens.

With so much uncertainty and negativity in the world, the campaign positions Bowery’s indoor-grown, pesticide-free and fully-traceable greens as the bright spot in an otherwise tumultuous world. To achieve this, the team composed a series of short stories juxtaposing the bad (murder hornets, life hacks, media mistrust, babysitting gone wrong and failed exercise fads) with the good (perfectly grown arugula, crispy leaf and baby bibb lettuces). The design system uses a vibrant color palette, offbeat illustration and quirky typography in each static placement. For video Colossus embraced unconventional sound design and forgotten musical scores from the 60s to bring it all together.  


“We wanted to have some fun with this one. If we can’t laugh at ourselves in these dark times, what can we laugh at?” said Colossus ECD, Travis Robertson. “We looked at all of life’s little problems and contrasted those with the uplifting vibes of Bowery’s amazing produce.”

Campaign distribution spans print, digital, social media, and OOH, including live video boards, guerrilla postings and an extensive takeover of the New York City Subway with 150 placements in the Broadway-Lafayette Street Station on the takeover alone.