DesignStudio Pilots ‘Going’ Rebrand

Going Is New Name For Scott’s Cheap Flights

Founded in 2015, as a newsletter to family and friends, Scott’s Cheap Flights now has a membership of over 2 million people. Having grown to encompass a website, search engine, newsletter and soon-to-launch app, they help members find more value when they travel by approaching booking differently. Today, with a team of over 60, the brand has grown beyond just Scott, and beyond the initial proposition of ‘cheap flights’. As such, DesignStudio was challenged to build on this growth with a new brand strategy, name and visual identity for the next leg of the brand’s journey.

The new name: Going.

Eric Ng, DesignStudio Executive Creative Director, Americas, says, “One of the many things that makes Scott’s Cheap Flights so special is the way in which they open up the world for their members. By encouraging a new approach to booking that focuses less on the destination, they broaden one’s perspective on how to travel through enticing and unexpected opportunities. This inspired our new strategic idea — Invite the unexpected — which encourages users to adopt a different mindset, to invite something new into their lives through the brand… The name, Going, instills a sense of curiosity and naturally gives the feeling of movement.”

The design system is based on the notion of being open-minded enough to spin a globe and spontaneously pick a destination. This translates digitally into interactive and motion principles that allowed one to peruse destinations and deals, discovering something new with every swipe. The Going symbol, says Ng, “visualizes the unique process of starting with a deal, a nod towards the spontaneous twist and turns of travel, whilst pointing forward with gusto.”

A full toolkit for the Going team includes assets aimed to bring a personal touch; a nod to the brand’s beginnings and a symbol of Scott’s ongoing involvement. Illustrations interact with destinations through the globe and help the audience imagine themselves in a place in a way model photography can’t achieve. Where photography is used, the designers steer clear of bucket list landmarks and influencer like models, opting for vignettes of smaller moments that tell unexpected and intimate stories.

Agency credits include: Eric Ng, Executive Creative Director; Magali Johnson, Client Director; Andie Wexler, Strategist; Tyler Eldridge, Designer; Mo Hy, Senior Designer; Svyat Vishnyakov, Design Director; and Paddy Blake, Senior Motion Designer. Client credits are: Brian Kidwell, Co-Founder and CEO; Scott Keyes, Founder and Chief Flight Expert; Derek Cann, VP Marketing; Kim Fred, Senior Director of Brand; Rachel Smith, Lead Product Designer; Pratika Appaiah, Senior Product Designer; Kylie Ruffino, Copywriter; and Olivia Malone, Illustrator.