Extra Breaks With Dental Hygiene Codes

Elmwood Focuses On Moments Of Confidence

Global chewing gum brand, Wrigley’s Extra, has unveiled a new brand identity, which shifts its look away from dental hygiene codes to a bolder focus on flavor and moments of confidence. Created by global design consultancy Elmwood, the rebrand elevates Extra’s ‘ding’ symbol within the brand flag and puts it front and center of the visual identity. It’s form is meant to become the metaphor for confident moments as the wider identity rolls out.



The new master brand has been unified globally where it is also known as Orbit, Yida or Freedent depending on the market. Updated with softened curves and a simplified look, the new ding symbol is set beside a circular ‘shield’ shape, highlighting the initial letter of each brand name to form the full brand flag suite. The shield and ding lock-up can also be used alone as a universal icon across all touchpoints. The brand flag’s circular language has been baked into many other elements of the visual identity including the new packaging – from the typography to the ‘spotlight’ architecture – showcasing flavor depiction with clarity.

Elmwood has elevated the ding shape to key-asset status with a series of visual assets designed for digital and social channels. These include motion expressions where an animated ding allows key messaging to be staged. Pop art inspires images of hearts and lips made from Lichetenstein-esque ding patterns accompanied by light-hearted copy such as “Share Ding is Caring.”


The new packaging design launched in the UK in January and will roll out across continental Europe over the coming months. Over time, all markets will unveil the new brand identity. Craig Barnes, Studio Creative Director at Elmwood said: “In place of its traditional look built around dental hygiene and refreshment, we created a distinctive, forward-thinking identity for Extra that radiates confidence well beyond the packaging. With a choiceful amount of new assets taking center stage in storytelling, there is now a strong system in play that can still be flexed creatively to meet any markets’ needs.”