Five Factors That Help Fuel the Creative Economy

Full Sail University Prepares Students For Global Creative Economy

As the global creative economy continues to expand and develop niche employment opportunities within it, future generations of artists and designers are working to find new ways to break into it. Located in Winter Park FL, Full Sail University supplies its students with the knowledge and applicable tools to establish their career path within the global creative economy.

The university offers degree programs that span across various aspects of numerous creative fields in the creative economy. The degree programs include those in the focus areas of entertainment, media, arts, and emerging technologies, which experiences a great deal of intersectionality that closely resembles real-world careers.



Full Sail University offers many art specific degree programs including:

– The Computer Animation Bachelor’s provides students with the focused knowledge and understanding of 3-D modeling and digital animation needed to qualify for entry-level industry positions as scene builders, character artists, motion animators and more.

– In the Digital Arts & Design Bachelor’s, students gain a deep understanding of the digital production needed to qualify for positions as graphic designers, digital-media authors, video editors and so much more.

– Through gaining mastery of 3-D modeling, materials and textures, engine integration, and animation students of the Game Art Bachelor’s have the unique skills needed to stand out in a hiring pool for positions as prop artists, environment artists, character artists, and animators.

– Full Sail’s Graphic Design Bachelor’s equips its students with the technical proficiency, creative development, critical-thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills that contribute to lifelong learning and access to entry-level positions. Notable entry-level positions include graphic designers, media designers, web designers, digital-image processors, and art directors.

– The Media Design MFA gives students an understanding of design research, psychological and motivational theories, ethics of design, media design elements, and technology applications to enhance their ability to solve complex design problems in academic, entertainment, and corporate environments.



In addition to the wide range of degree program offerings, these are five identified factors that give Full Sail University students an advantage when seeking out positions in the global creative economy: 

  1. Graduate successes – Students who graduate from Full Sail’s School of Art & Design are making waves in the creative world. They are contributing to Oscar-nominated and winning films, engaging in campaigns for positive change, contributing to The Game Awards-nominated and winning titles, founding organizations, helping to develop new talent, and more.
  1. Standout educators – The educators at Full Sail are required to have a degree and a minimum of four years of relevant industry experience, with many still working in the industry they teach. The educators at Full Sail can bring their real-world experiences to the classroom to provide students with applicable examples of concepts being learned in the classroom.
  1. Project-based education – Full Sail’s curriculum combines elements of creativity, art, business skills, life skills, technical prowess, and academic achievement. The program advisory committee (PAC) reviews curriculum of the degree programs semi-annually to help determine what assignments to offer to make sure students are prepared to work in the creative economy upon graduation.
  1. Career development opportunities – The robust Career Development department at Full Sail aids students as they work to broaden their professional network. With a mission of helping students and alumni on the road to their desires career paths, the department dedicates its resources to getting both students and graduates in contact with industry professionals in their field of interest.
  1. Cutting-edge technology – Full Sail’s 210+ acre campus hosts a great deal of technology available to students. In addition to what is offered on campus, included in tuition, students receive a laptop filled with industry standard hardware and software. The program called Project LaunchBoxTM is designed to give students exactly what they need when it comes to building and creating their portfolio. Each Project LaunchBoxTM is customized to meet the varying hardware and software needs of students in their chosen degree program. The Full Sail specific program is updated regularly, to make sure students are staying on pace with the changing industry trends and demands.

Full Sail University is passionate about educating the next generation of leaders to contribute to the creative economy. Through the relevant, project-based education, Full Sail and its students are fueling creative careers globally.