FunctionFox Free For Small Teams

FunctionFox, the leading provider in timesheet and project management software, has released a new FunctionFox Free platform. Created for freelancers, contract workers, or small teams just getting started, FunctionFox Free provides all the tools to track time and manage projects, leading to increased billable hours and improved accountability.

Sara Duke of FunctionFox explains:  “Our free platform will provide a starting point for small teams that need time-tracking and reporting, without asking for a commitment to a paid subscription. With multiple different platforms available, FunctionFox has the tools to grow with you as your business grows.”

The FunctionFox Free platform allows for a maximum of three active personnel and two active projects at any time, along with unlimited clients and tasks, and customer service and support. Born out of over twenty years experience working with creative companies, the free platform is designed to provide access to key features such as timesheets and project reporting, while allowing for the opportunity to grow beyond its limits into the company’s Classic platform (which provides unlimited projects and personnel along with additional project tracking and reporting tools) or the Premier platform, with its robust suite of project management tools.

FunctionFox Free is available online right now at