Huge Mobile-First Rebrand for Android

Huge and Google, in close partnership, have evolved the Android brand to make it more modern, globally inclusive, and accessible. Established in 2003, acquired by Google in 2005, and first released in 2008, the Android mobile operating system now runs more than 2.5 billion devices around the world. Work by the full-service agency based in Brooklyn NY spans the entire brand experience:  from brand architecture and strategy, to a robust identity system with comprehensive guidelines and partner assets, to a fully reimagined mobile-first digital experience on A new black wordmark and accessible color palette is said to be easier to read on small screens and easier on people with colorblindness. Related changes include retaining the traditional color green as the prominent color, but adding more blue into it so that other shades of blue could be introduced complementarily for packaging and various visual assets. The project also includes unifying the Android robot mascot with the wordmark so that the two elements now generally appear in tandem as a more cohesive whole.