Special Olympics Athletes Craft 2022 USA Games Logo

The 2022 Special Olympics USA Games Organizing Committee has unveiled its logo for the 2022 USA Games which was, for the first time, inspired and designed by Special Olympics athletes. Athletes from across the country gathered for a three-day workshop in Orlando FL, where they joined forces with professional designers from creative ad agency partner Publicis Seattle to provide the vision for the 2022 USA Games logo, as well as the primary color palette. The mark represents natural elements of Florida, and culminates in a fiery spark of the Special Olympics spirit.


“This logo tells a story of how a combined passion for sports, perseverance, and art can literally come to life on a blank canvas,” said Joe Dzaluk, President & CEO of the 2022 Special Olympics USA Games. “These incredible athletes used their unique talents to inspire and design an iconic image for the 2022 Special Olympics USA Games brand, and it proved to be more meaningful than any of us could have ever imagined.” Melissa Nelson, President, Publicis Seattle, commented, “We’ve been privileged to partner with  Special Olympics for the 2018 Games and now again for the 2022 Games. This collaboration inspires our people to do what they do best: explore exciting new creative thinking and opportunities. Adds Pete Kearney, Executive Creative Director, Publicis Seattle: “We’ve always felt this was never our logo to create — it was the athletes’. We embraced that idea and empowered the talent, vision, and passion of these spirited artists. We’re in the business of changing perceptions, and with this work, we’ve shown that creative power exists in each and every one of us.”





The nine athletes included: Aarushi Pratap of Special Olympics Florida (Fashion Design), Andrew Weatherly of Special Olympics New Jersey (Abstract Painting), Caroline Shin of Special Olympics Florida (Web Design), Coby Fineran of Special Olympics Iowa (Tattoo Artist), Haley Waggoner of Special Olympics Nebraska (Cake Decorating), Lee Savage of Special Olympics Florida (Drawing), Mariah Gilbert of Special Olympics Washington (Drawing), Marta Páramo of Special Olympics Florida (Painting) and Patrice Jetter of Special Olympics New Jersey (Graphic Design).



In addition, Iranian-American filmmaker Rayka Zehtabchi, who is best known for her 2018 Academy Award-winning documentary short Period. End of Sentence., directed a mini-documentary filmed during the three-day workshop. The film captures, in five minutes, the positive impact of the process and the spirit and talent of the athletes.