HUSH and HBO Reimagine Retail

Inspiring Experiences That Engage The Senses

On the heels of its premiere at SXSW 2021, HBO Max continues to work with experience design firm HUSH and AT&T to scale up its digital/physical experience, The Orbit, in several nationwide AT&T retail flagship stores and available virtually. The Orbit allows users to explore HBO Max’s entire content library in real-time using pose detection, voice and facial recognition. Emphasizing its fulsome library of entertainment properties, clips from a participant’s favorite shows “magically” appear to match their body movement, facial expressions or their favorite spoken phrases.

The effort comes as Covid has forced brands to reimagine experiential design and marketing, and to create a new vision for destination-worthy retail experiences. HUSH was able to take substantial amounts of information and data – in this case, HBO Max’s massive content library – and make it simple and appealing to discover. Through the design, this vast content is intended to become a playful experience of discovery and surprise.

The Orbit technology conceptualized and developed by HUSH in partnership with HBO Max and the AT&T teams, leverages a touch-less, intuitive interface of gesture, voice and facial tracking to match a guest’s actions with content, creating memorable moments for consumers as well as keeping them safe.

States HUSH Founding Partner David Schwarz: “As the world starts to venture out again to safely and responsibly seek interaction with peers, compelling ideas and new information, we hope The Orbit satisfies their appetite. While much has been virtualized in the last year, we firmly believe that creating refined, inspiring experiences that engage the five senses will be the great differentiator for how modern explorers will choose to rediscover the world around them.”