JKR Logo Supports La Dolce Velveeta

First Logo Refresh in 20 Years

Velveeta recently announced its refreshed logo that will be seen on products starting in 2022.  It is designed by Jones Knowles Ritchie and accompanies the “La Dolce Velveeta” campaign. The new logo features a script-inspired typeface. The removal of elements like the oval and underscore was a great choice. While simplistic, this new logo better expresses the brand perfectly.  The redesign is both minimalistic and bold.

Velveeta saw an increase in first-time customers in 2021 which is why it decided to shift its identity to a more modern aesthetic. “Our new logo is simpler, bolder, more creamy, and more expressive,” says Leah Bowman, Heinz’s associate brand manager of Velveeta. Creative agency Johannes Leonardo and film director Harmony Korine (of Gummo and Spring Breakers fame) worked collaboratively on the numerous ads for the campaign. 

Drawing inspiration from the Italian saying,la dolce vita” (the sweet life),  this clip features customers luxuriously enjoying Velveeta cheese. The video is quite impressive from the new logo,  music choice, and creative direction. 


Some screenshots from the video that we absolutely love!


That’s La Dolce Velveeta Video