Moving Brands Creative Director Has AI Expertise

Creative company Moving Brands has appointed David Cameron as Creative Director in its San Francisco studio. Formerly based at Goldsmiths, University of London, where he specialized in designing interactive devices to better understand our relationships with technology, Cameron now helps businesses to understand the impact and implications of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and augmented reality. He has been with Moving Brands for more than three years, leading projects for 21st Century Fox, Lexmark, Adobe and Google. Cameron notes that “the experimental nature of our work, using prototyping and ‘rapid evaluation’ is inherently open and fast paced – we operate really well in this environment and our team continues to rise to the challenge with clients, project after project … we are constantly exploring ways to improve or enhance the way we work with our clients – from building our own creative tools to developing ways to prototype and project our partner’s key messages to their target audience through new and innovative mediums.” Adds CEO Mat Heinl,  ““Right from day one, David has been instrumental in helping us achieve continued growth in this applied research and design space… There are lots of buzz words surrounding new technologies and while these are exciting, we are more than aware of their potential shortfalls. David’s work with AI and mixed reality will be instrumental in determining how humans enhance the way they communicate and engage with media in the coming years.”