MullenLowe Design Helps Light FUSE

FUSE Group (formerly Liberty Construction Services) wanted to be known as more than just a respected builder, they wanted to be recognized as an industry trailblazer.  To help answer this ambition, MullenLowe Design created FUSE – from the new name to a comprehensive brand identity – that is being introduced this month.



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When delving into the culture and purpose of the company to create its new identity, MullenLowe Design was inspired by the core definition of the word fuse: bringing together diverse inputs to distribute fierce energy across spaces. The logo’s bold, ‘Fusion’ a chartreuse, electric yellow combined with its typography, is deliberately different than typical palettes and identities in the building and construction category. The hero color is complemented by a neutral palette to help ground the color scheme and balance the high-energy impact of Fusion.




The patterns and graphic elements found in the system speak to the construction industry (being derived from diagrams found in construction documents) while allowing for unique brand expression. The typography, with Pilat as the feature typeface, is designed with a bold weight and square stance. The elements of precision are even calculated into the wordmark of the logo, which evokes a stencil motif often seen on job sites, with consistent negative space and angle cuts using mathematical proportions to render ‘FUSE’ into a perfect square, vertical, or horizontal lockup.




A new tagline – “Start Something” – is meant to channel the company’s commitment to transforming the construction experience. “FUSE’s brand identity perfectly combines the elements of building with its active and electric culture,” Sean O’Brien, Director, MullenLowe Design. “Their new look is not unlike a sports performance brand and is a major departure from anything you’ll see on a construction site or in an office. We are confident that the new company image will galvanize a sense of pride and forward-thinking, whether worn on a jacket, presented to client or signage on a jobsite.”





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