Pentagram Empowers Car Buyers

To deal with the inherent stress of buying a car, TrueCar is working to reinvent the experience and make the process simple, easy, trustworthy and informed. Pentagram’s Michael Gericke and team collaborated with TrueCar on a new brand identity that makes the experience of shopping for a car more uplifting and empowering. Developed with the creative teams at TrueCar, the project encompasses brand strategy and positioning, messaging, advertising, art direction and product design.




TrueCar sought to reinforce its position as a leader in the online automotive marketplace and highlight its convenience, accessibility and ease of use – as well as to emphasize its belief in truth, transparency and fairness. This empowering point of view informs the brand positioning, summed up in a new tagline: “Buy Smarter. Drive Happier.”




The redesign itself is intended to appeal to a wider audience as it personalizes the car-buying journey for consumers, and to evoke a friendly, approachable personality. That idea is captured in a new TrueCar logo, a wordmark that renders the word “car” in dynamic typography “that captures a sense of movement, freedom and making a change.” The friendly look and feel extends to the revamped website and app experience.



The project team includes: Marielle Gross, Jenny Ko, Reid Parsekian, Amanda Walter, Robin Haueter, and Melenie Flynn. Collaborators are: NiceShit Studios for illustration and Hornet/Moth fir animation and motion graphics.