Pentagram Puts Drivers In The Mood

Waze is a popular navigation app with 130 million users in over 180 countries who collectively join their local voices to help beat traffic. The app is transforming the way people move by getting updates from fellow drivers, who share actionable data about accidents, traffic incidents, speed limits and other trip information.


Pentagram has refreshed the Waze brand identity with a universal system that enhances the platform’s collaborative spirit and provides a better experience on the road. The identity updates the familiar Wazer symbol, introduces a set of new “Moods” that help users more authentically express themselves, and streamlines the platform’s signature use of illustration.


The system introduces a colorful visual language called “Block by Block” inspired by the modular design of the city grid, roads and streets. The system organizes information into “block-scapes” to create a recognizable world of Waze across a multitude of contexts.  The refresh also includes the development of a new brand voice, witty and welcoming messaging, and a logotype is based on Boing, a sans serif that has rounded corners for a friendly look.