PepsiCo Gets A Grip On New 2L

A Balance of Form and Function Says Chief Design Officer Mauro Porcini

As soda drinkers have enjoyed their PepsiCo brands, the design team at the company works constantly to evolve and create a better beverage-drinking experience. The new 2 Liter bottle design is born out of that drive: the bottle has been slimmed down by more than 25% to create “an easier, more manageable pour, and a look that stands out on shelf, in the fridge and everywhere in between.”


“What excites me most about this redesign is the consumer journey we’ve taken to gather input, test, and evolve the bottle to create the best product experience possible,” said Emily Silver, VP, Innovation and Capabilities, PepsiCo Beverages North America. “This redesign makes it substantially easier for consumers to grab bottles off the shelf and to pour at home. While it has taken an immense amount of work to create this at an operational level, the differentiators and consumer experience make it all worth it.”


Adds Mauro Porcini, SVP & Chief Design Officer at PepsiCo: “We know our fans will love the PepsiCo 2 Liter bottle redesign because we kept them at the center of our design process, working through thousands of sketches and hundreds of prototypes to land on the perfect solutions for our beverage portfolio. Beyond improved usability, this new bottle will be the billboard of the soda aisle, catching the eye and shouting PepsiCo, louder and prouder, from top to bottom, with branding no longer constrained to the label, and the exact right balance of form and function.”


The rest of the portfolio will have a uniform striking design at the grip point, meant to stand out visually. The change is immediate, hitting key pilot markets in Chicago, Minneapolis/St. Paul and Wisconsin, with a nationwide rollout in the near future.