The Martin Agency Hatches Happy Mindset

Egg brand Happy Egg Co. is rolling out its first work with The Martin Agency with a new motto: “Crack Open Happy.” Martin turned to Australian native and Brooklyn-based illustrator, Tom Brolga, for his “poptivism” to set the tone for a significant reposition of Happy Egg. Brogla helped the team create a world where toast gets a message by the pool, a Yeti does wheelies, bacon strips and a pig meet over pancakes. “We felt that only an animated world would truly juxtapose the mundane, every-day grind that is life,” shares Martin Agency Copywriter Hope Thomas. “An animated world provides a lot more opportunity and freedom to show ‘happiness’ – especially now that production capabilities are limited…. We gravitated toward Brolga’s work because it’s so joyous and full of life!”



Your guide to this world of wonderment? A talking mug (internally dubbed “Muggsy” [because eggs have two gs] — and yes, we have a 16-page document dedicated to his character). This is a mug that’s lived. A mug that’s seen a thing or two, and has some strong opinions about what really defines a good egg and a swell life. “Our desire is not to be a great egg brand,” shares Happy Egg VP of Marketing & Innovation, Sean Womack—who joined the company in March. “Our desire is to be a great brand. We aren’t going to follow trends, we’re going to set them. Whatever is unexpected for an egg brand is what you should expect from us.” Happy Egg is currently the fastest-growing egg brand, ranked by Nielsen. Its fifth overall in the category.