Visualizing A Virtuous Cycle

A new parent brand for Lutheran World Relief and IMA World Health, Corus International is now positioned as a leading global relief and development organization which brings money and humanitarian aid to crises such as the Beirut explosion and the COVID-19 pandemic. To visually represent the new brand, the organization sought a mark that could unite its component parts and different workforces worldwide. Building on the new name, positioning and communications program developed by Brand Federation, the legendary firm Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv developed a symbol featuring three interlocking rings, each link representing a component of the brand promise: belief leading to action, and action creating impact. The central concept is that of a virtuous cycle.


The new identity, with its colorful, abstract trefoil shape, gives the organization a bright and modern look while honoring its faith-based tradition. The links also invoke the first letter of Corus, helping to establish the name with audiences around the world.


Employing a custom typographic approach with a distinctive R, a set of wordmarks was developed for the various sub-brands, programs, and partnerships.