AIGA Unidos Hispanic Heritage Talks

AIGA Unidos is a multi-chapter collaboration creating a space to empower and celebrate the lives, work, stories, and needs of creatives with a Latinx and Hispanic cultural heritage. Says AIGA’s Executive Director, Bennie F. Johnson: “It’s critical to actively acknowledge and invest in diverse designers who are the future of the design community, and are moving the profession forward.”

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The first event under the AIGA Unidos banner is Hispanic Heritage Talks 2020. From September 15 through October 15, Latinx and Hispanic creatives from different backgrounds and disciplines will convene for a series of virtual talks to share their stories, their work, and celebrate their culture. These talks are free and open to everyone. The speakers range from diverse creative disciplines, such as musicians, chefs, filmmakers, and designers. Virtual talk topics range from Inclusive Design at the Intersection of Fashion and Health by Ecuadorian fashion designer Camila Chiriboga, The Power of Teamwork by designers Eduardo Juarez and Arturo Guzmán, and Designing for the World’s Most Vulnerable Children by Matías Delfino, Global Brand Lead Designer at Unicef. Additionally, there will be a panel discussion on the role of artists in activism, as well as two panel discussions on education: from the point of view of students, and educators alike.