Poster House Reopens!

Poster House, the nation’s only museum dedicated to the global history of posters, has reopened. Located on West 23rd Street, in Manhattan NYC, the museum is welcoming back visitors with new, reduced hours, from 11am-7pm, Thursday through Sunday (11am-12pm for visitors in higher-risk groups). The staff has been trained on PPE usage and state health guidelines and have prepared the museum accordingly. Timed tickets are available to purchase in advance via the museum’s new online ticket portal and offers suggested donation admissions for their first month back. Two high-profile exhibitions that opened right before the shutdown will remain on view through February 14, 2021: The Sleeping Giant: Posters & The Chinese Economy and The Swiss Grid. True to the spirit of the museum, the two shows explore the full scope of the poster’s role in society – as a window into social, political, and economic history on the one hand, and the evolution of mass communication and graphic design on the other. Also feature: a selection of posters by Amos Kennedy from their permanent collection.