Wolff Olins Identity Flips The System

Wolff Olins has launched a new brand for DailyPay, creating an invitation to “rewrite the invisible rules of money. The concept of DailyPay is that it removes restrictions on how people can access and spend their money – including giving people access to their wages on demand rather than having to wait until the end of a pay period.  Wolff Olins repositioned the brand as the champion for trust and transparency in the world of money movement by creating a brand strategy, identity, and voice to better tell the proposition in an impactful way – building confidence among modern workers and their workplaces. The new identity, says the design firm, is intended to show that DailyPay is essentially “flipping the system” – with an icon depicting the emotional (sun on the horizon) and practical (coin depositing in a bank) benefits of the service. Says Jeannie Walden, Chief Innovation and Marketing Officer, DailyPay:  “When we committed to building our brand, we knew we would need something strong enough to support where we are today but flexible enough to take us into tomorrow… This work has and continues to make such a difference for us.”