World’s First NFT Museum Opens In Seattle

The world’s first permanent NFT art museum has opened in Seattle WA, aiming to “pull back the curtain” on blockchain-based digital art. The museum opened its doors last January, and has been providing an outlet for artists, creators, and collectors to display their NFTs in a physical setting, while aiming to educate the public about this fairly new market for digital art.


Founded by local entrepreneurs Jennifer Wong and Peter Hamilton, the Seattle NFT Museum features influential creators, coveted collections, and new mintings. “It is our vision to create a space that serves the imagination of NFT artists and creators while helping to confirm Seattle’s place as a global cultural and technology destination,” said Wong.

NFTs are making an impact on art and digital assets with over $3.5B in sales in 2021.The museum will range from education exhibitions to coveted pieces, and is also available for hosting live events. “One of the things that inspired us by visiting some of the first NFT galleries…was seeing it in a large format and feeling what it’s like to be in a room, in a space not attached to a device and just seeing it on display,” said Hamilton. “It’s a very, very different experience.”