‘Inauthentico’ Beer Rejects Mexican Origin Story

Baldwin& Has Fun Being Honest

While most Mexican beers highlight their origin stories and their purported place in Mexican tradition, Ponysaurus Brewing of Durham NC is choosing the opposite direction. To launch their new Mexican lager “Inauthentico,” they’re owning up to the fact that while it’s a traditional Mexican-style lager made with flaked maize, it is made in Durham without the pretension of a bespoke, made-up origin story.



Director of Marketing Sarah Voran said, “Beer branding can take itself so seriously, while still being completely made up. We thought having a little fun with the truth would be a better way to go.” The concept and design are by longtime agency Baldwin& in Raleigh NC. “We wanted to honor the beer style, while being completely honest about its origin,” said ECD Mitch Bennett. “It’s a great-tasting tribute that just happens to be 100% Inauthentico.”



Creative credits include Director of Design Jen Matthews, designers Matt Wood and Jenny Thackham, and Art Director Donnine Canamar.