CF Napa Adds Pop To First Boba Alcoholic Beverage

Unifying Spirits came to CF Napa, a worldwide leader in alcoholic beverage branding based in Napa CA, with the task of reinvigorating their newly acquired Cocktail Caviar offering. As the first alcohol-filled popping boba product, the brand faced challenges with consumer education. The brand name created some confusion, bringing fish egg caviar to mind as opposed to a unique alcoholic beverage. And with non-alcoholic popping boba increasing in popularity, it was also imperative for the design to capture this audience under a new and more trendy brand name Boba POPS.

In response, CF Napa has designed a custom bottle with a wide mouth to allow for the boba to be carefully spooned out of the container without breakage. To show off the product inside, the glass is adorned with modern and clean screen-printed branding. The design utilizes circle graphics to communicate the promise of boba. Prominent white text for the name and description across the range of flavors allows for the bright colors of the boba to show through. The newly branded and packaged product is launching this summer.