KCRW Radio: Always On LA

More Than A Radio Station

For decades, KCRW has been “the soundtrack of Los Angeles.” Founded as a public radio station on the campus of Santa Monica City College, KCRW has had a presence as an international tastemaker, helping launch the careers of Billie Eilish, Beck and Adele, and a leading voice in news and culture. KCRW approached work x work to help usher in the brand’s next era.



“At a time when we are thinking so critically about the state of media, we quickly realized that KCRW is so much more than a radio station” says work x work Founder and Creative Director Scott Newman. “Over and over in our research, we kept hearing the words ‘belonging’ and ‘connection.’ We learned quickly it’s part of the social fabric of LA and we wanted to express that in the branding.”



The visual identity is rooted in KCRW’s history, while creating framing for the future. work x work’s new tagline for KCRW, ‘Always On LA,’ is their vocal commitment to being LA’s connection to music, news, culture and each other. The brand extends across all platforms from web to merchandise, social to print and a forthcoming sonic ID.



The new KCRW logo is held within an animated frame that shape-shifts and morphs, zooming in and expanding outward, forever in-motion. work x work also debuted new colors, typography and photography, reflective of the diversity and dynamism of LA.