LEGO Rebrand Builds On Core Values

Sørensen: A Beautiful, Simple, Well-Constructed System


The LEGO Group has evolved its brand identity to build a more consistent design experience for its audience. Beyond its iconic logo, it has created a new set of design elements to bring the joy and pride of building and creating to life – consisting of cohesive design language, refreshed assets and architecture, with the famous LEGO bricks at its heart.



Built by the LEGO Group’s in-house creative and strategic agency, Our LEGO Agency (OLA) and branding consultancy Interbrand, the new look centers around sparking happiness and creativity through its iconic bricks. The idea is to make every interaction feel like you’re stepping into a world where color, shape, and icon tell part of its story, with the ultimate wish to click deeper.

“The LEGO Group’s archives were a treasure trove of elements that contributed to crafting the final solution – a mix of storytelling pieces that we used to build out a full LEGO set just as iconic and timeless as the brick itself,” said Oliver Maltby, Executive Creative Director, Portfolio Lead at Interbrand. “The playfulness of the new identity reinforces the vision of the LEGO brand as a global force for learning through play.”



The toolbox includes a “clutch system,” a nod to the way the plastic bricks click together, transformed into digital glyphs and icons that let the company piece together digital designs in a similar manner to physical LEGO builds.


Alongside type foundry Colophon, the team also constructed a bespoke typeface called LEGO Typewell, inspired by lettering discovered in the LEGO Company archive, which is used across all physical products and digital platforms. These primary elements are supported by action graphics, which add dynamism, drama, and emotion to images using LEGO elements instead of words, while new motion principles mirror the way people interact with LEGO parts, capturing the essence of building, deconstructing, and even happy accidents that occur during play.



“The LEGO Group has been the master of constant reinvention for 90 years,” said Thomas Holst Sørensen, Head of Design at OLA. “Our new brand DNA reflects what is important for the LEGO brand. It is a beautiful, simple and well-constructed system that both unifies and breaks free the creative and playful expression of our brand and product experiences.”