MINI Logo Makes Minimalist Move

MINI has unveiled a new logo and branding that it hopes will make consumers more “avid fans” of the brand. The logo takes on a flat two dimensional  design which, MINI officials assert, offers better recognition value:  “The logo stands for itself, with no imitation of material or shape. This minimalistic approach stands out visually and can be used in all sizes and formats … The new MINI Serif font also reinforces the new brand image.” It was developed from a typeface manually-set by Swiss designers used in publishing and given a modern cut. MINI Serif reflects the brand’s strong design orientation, underscores its quality and benefits from the contrast between tradition and modernity. The new MINI font is geared towards the user, easy to read and gives content the room it needs.”

Old MINI Logo
Old MINI Logo



The identity is being launched in connection with a new campaign for the MINI Clubman model. The agency is reportedly KKLD of Berlin and MINI is owned by BMW.