More to Love in Alaska Airlines + Virgin America Merger

More flights, more rewards, more to love. This is the promise from the recent merger of Alaska Airlines and Virgin America. Hornall Anderson, which had rebranded Alaska Airlines during 2016, was asked to create a promotional livery design and microsite to help celebrate and inspire excitement for this new merger — promising the best of both airlines to employees, loyalists, and new flyers alike.


With a chartered course planned for up and down the West Coast, the promotional livery expresses the two airlines coming together, while celebrating their differences. The pledge of “more” is expressed through a flood of gradient color from nose to tail. Alaska’s dominant blue and Virgin’s dominant red unite in a vibrant purple to “reflect the magic that comes with this merger.”


Hornall Anderson partnered with Mekanism to create a microsite that addresses questions about what the merger means for both Alaska and Virgin flyers and how it will benefit them — especially the loyalty cardholders. An FAQs page lets flyers stay up to date on developments, and includes an  aggregated section of fan postings via social media.

Two airlines bringing together the best of both. Truly more to love.