New Animal Planet Identity Goes Global

This fall Animal Planet launched a comprehensive new brand identity centering the network’s programming around the childhood joy and wonder of animals by bringing people close up in every way.



The historic Animal Planet logo – an elephant within the globe – held a great deal of recognition and affection and the core concept remained appropriate, but the new visual identity needed to be optimized for use globally, to be responsive in digital, and to allow for the brand to diversify into many products and services.


In the fresh rendition created by brand design firm Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv, a leaping elephant captures the joy and energy of the brand. “Animal Planet required a mark to represent the global aspect of the brand, as an experience that translates across countries, regions and cultures and beyond linear: a platform-agnostic approach,” said Pablo Pulido, Animal Planet VP of Marketing. “The new elephant is a truly global mark for Animal Planet.”