New Mohawk Website Emphasizes Transparency

Mohawk has launched an entirely redesigned website that features a fresh user interface and a more intuitive search for all things paper and print. “The redesigned website is a clear expression of our commitment to inspiration and education for all Mohawk customers,” said Bart Robinson, Senior VP Marketing. “Above all we wanted to create a destination on the web where choosing paper would be an easy, intuitive and totally transparent experience, no matter what your level of knowledge or expertise.” In designing the new site, which is fully responsive across mobile and desktop platforms, Mohawk worked with San Francisco-based Hybrid Design to create the simplified and up-to-date site navigation that takes into account users different needs, interests and level of knowledge.  Mohawk is North America’s largest privately-owned manufacturer of fine papers, envelopes and specialty materials for printing.


The new website navigation bar is comprised of six search options:

1.  Product:  The redesigned Product section organizes everything Mohawk makes into an intuitive, highly visual way patterned after its swatchbooks. This includes larger color swatches and textural overlays so users can preview as they go.


2.  Inspiration:  Within the Inspiration section, there is an all new Mohawk Blog, combining insights and assets of what used to be Felt & Wire with Mohawk MakeReady. Also included is the celebrated Mohawk Maker Quarterly, a tactical series of Maker Field Guides and a wide range of sample projects printed on Mohawk within this section.

3.  Education:  Inspired and ready to dig deeper? This is the place everyone can use to strengthen their paper and printing knowledge. From printing terms and techniques to all the paper knowledge anyone could possibly want to know, the Education section is an indispensable resource. This resource section was built for paper novices and print pros to begin and advance their education.

4.  Make:  Ready to create some amazing print? The Make section has been designed to help designers connect with the right professional in your neighborhood to get that done, featuring a new “Find a Printer” option.


5.  About Us:  Behind every great company is a story and Mohawk’s begins in 1931. Four generations later, family-owned Mohawk is built on relationships, communication and honesty toward everyone, from customers to employees. This is the place to get to know Mohawk better and understand what drives them to innovate for the long term and not just the next quarter.

6.  Check Stock:  Once the paper has been chosen for a project, designers can search local inventories from Mohawk’s extensive network of paper distribution partners as well as Mohawk warehouses.