Pentagram Designs Magazine For The Wing

Pentagram has created the brand identity and editorial design for No Man’s Land, a magazine introduced by The Wing, the popular and high-profile  network of co-working and community spaces for women. The design builds off the brand identity executed by Pentagram earlier for The Wing.



Published biannually, the magazine is “the beginning of The Wing as a force for women all over the world ― and at a time when it feels like being female is a political act in itself. The platform gives The Wing a place to voice different thoughts and perspectives outside its life as a physical space ― a mix of essays, profiles, conversations and features about everything from current events and politics, to art, design and fashion.



It’s a vehicle where The Wing can take off to build another kind of community beyond its members and explore what it wants to be.” Partner on the project is Emily Oberman with a project team at Pentagram including Elizabeth Goodspeed, Christina Hogan, and Joey Petrillo.