AIGA Welcomes New Board Members

AIGA has named seven new members to its 2021 National Board of Directors, elected by the entire AIGA membership. “Bringing in new Board members is our chance to renew and extend our expertise and reach for the profession. They join a dynamic group of leaders who will continue to help AIGA deepen the impact and value of design across our community and industry and strive to change the future of design,” states Bennie F. Johnson, executive director of AIGA. Adds Ashleigh Axios, president of the National Board: “I am excited to welcome AIGA’s newest National Board members. This group brings fresh energy, perspective, a wealth of knowledge, and a commitment to making meaningful improvements for our members, partners, and the design profession at large.”

The new members of AIGA’s National Board of Directors are:

• Sheharazad Fleming, Director of Digital Content and Marketing, The Office of Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti

• Oen Hammonds, Design Principal, Employee Experience Design at IBM

• Xouchee Moua, Chief Financial Officer, Goods & Services

• Eileen Prado, Chief Financial Officer, CAP3

• Isaiah Steinfeld, Entrepreneur in Residence, VF Venture Foundry

• Anna Thomsen, Director, Central Financial Planning & Analysis, United Airlines

• Victor Davila, Assistant Professor, University of Central Florida


This year’s board slate was selected by the 2021 Board Nominating Committee chaired by Lisa Babb of Georgia Institute of Technology.

Continuing members of the National Board:

  • Ashleigh Axios, (president), CXO and Partner at Coforma
  • Lorenzo Gonzalez, (treasurer), Finance Manager, AMXL, Amazon

  • Lisa Babb, Lecturer, School of Industrial Design, Georgia Institute of Technology

  • Manuhuia Barcham, Managing Director, Archetekt

  • Maribeth Kradel-Weitzel, Assistant Provost, Associate Professor and Program Director of MS Health, Communication Design, Thomas Jefferson University

  • Cesar Rivera, Supervisor Visual Information Specialist, Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

  • Elise Roy, VP, Inclusive Design and Accessibility, Salesforce

  • Art Taylor, President and Chief Executive Officer, BBB Wise Giving Alliance

  • Frances Yllana, Experience Director & Design Ops Lead, projekt202