Alysha Smith to CEO of Utah’s modern8

Alysha Smith has been named CEO of Utah-based strategic brand design consultancy modern8.  Formerly the Managing Director of the agency, her new leadership role signals an exciting new direction for modern8 as it looks to radically shift its business strategies and goals, embracing not only new client partners but new ways of thinking. Since joining, Smith has already leveraged her interpersonal and business skills to reorganize modern8’s structure, workflow and customer service. Before joining modern8, Smith honed her leadership skills with Banana Republic and Gap Inc., winning, along the way, a leadership-in-excellence award, a people development award, and a visual merchandising award. “Alysha brings management experience from outside our industry — bigger companies with different needs,” affirms Founder Randall Smith. “That perspective has already changed things, having an impact on our process, employees and environment, and is an exciting portent for the future of modern8.

Smith says she looks forward to applying her belief in diversity, mentorship and entrepreneurship toward fostering new perspectives in the agency’s work and its partnerships. “It’s a different time to be a woman leader in design. Where there was once a lack of the feminine point of view, business leaders now are recognizing the need for differing vantage points and mindsets. Nowadays, leaders also recognize the value of diversifying who they hire within their company to share their brand story — because diversity shows to their audience as well.”  To further this belief in diversity, she founded NaNa — a collective that brings together like-minded women and identifying women from all industries to create crossover opportunities, collaboration, and friendships through various events, panels, workshops, and meetups. Smith also acted as Salt Lake Design Week Director.