Moving Brands Attends To Eventbrite Graphics

Eventbrite is the world’s largest ticketing and experience management platform, with millions of events created on its website every year.  Following its acquisition of ticket distribution service Ticketfly, Eventbrite asked Moving Brands to help develop a brand that would reinforce the impact of its upcoming sale of public shares.EVENTBRITE_2020_WEBSITE_PAGES_PRODUCT

The new visual identity builds on Eventbrite’s existing equity, adding ingredients where needed to create distinctive marketing executions and a richer digital experience. This includes an animated wordmark and a short-form ‘e’ to ensure the brand can be identified at any scale.




To create a richer visual palette, Moving Brands helped define principles for using photography; ‘the event’ is at the heart of a new photographic style, which capture experiences from the perspective of creators, attendees. The design firm also developed new digital concepts to elevate the Eventbrite experience as an online destination for events. In collaboration with the Eventbrite creative team, user experience flows were devised to demonstrate how the website could be more engaging.


The IPO resulted in an implied valuation above $1.76 billion and raised over $230 million in its first-day gains, making it one of the biggest opening-days of the year.