How To Take A Photo For An Online Store

Photos are an important visual component of any website, especially an online store. Their main duty is to attract attention and make the viewer think about buying a product. Professional photographers know exactly what it takes to get a juicy shot and show any object in the best light, but their services cost money. New projects rarely have large budgets, so their creators should look for alternative ways to get interesting and unique content for the platform.

The ideal solution is to photograph your product by yourself. There are no clear rules for perfect shots. But there are several solutions that will make your photos expressive.



When you want to focus on the subject in the photo, choose a minimalistic background. The white or black canvas is perfect. In this way, you also emphasize the main merits of the product, such as shape, material or texture. You can experiment with bright colors if it suits the thematic of your site. The main thing is no foreign objects on the scene, even if they are out of focus.


A flash is a source of unnecessary glare and white spots that spoil the picture. It’s better to choose the right lighting. If you take pictures at home, choose a room with a large window for work and use daylight. This can be inconvenient since you can’t shoot all day, but only at certain hours. The purchase of lighting equipment is necessary. Softboxes create glare-free soft light.



For shooting, you can use any device, from a professional camera to a smartphone, but the main thing is to always have a tripod. So, you will avoid staggering, which can be fatal, especially if you photograph small objects. For starters, a chair and books are a good idea, but it’s still advisable to buy a tripod.


When a customer goes to a real store, he has the opportunity to see the thing he wants to buy from all sides. On the Internet, you must demonstrate the product in such a way as to deprive customers of any doubt. Rotate an object to show all of its angles. If the product has several color options, photograph each one. Do not forget about the details, especially about the advantages, for example, the uniqueness of the texture or the emblem of a famous brand.


Photos that you get after shooting will always be worse than what we used to see on the Internet. Fortunately, they are not the final version. Post-editing is no less important than the shooting process itself because it makes pictures bright and attractive. Most photographers use Photoshop. However, it is worth noting that this is a complex program that requires certain knowledge. If you’re new or just don’t want to spend a lot of time learning tutorials, try simpler editing apps.

RetouchMe is a simple program developed by professional editors, which will help you improve your photos. It has many useful functions such as changing color, background, blurring, etc. If you need to get rid of an excess object in the photo, RetouchMe also provides this service.



Do not take risks by adding many filters and don’t overdo the setting of photo parameters. The simpler the better. Just slightly increase the brightness and contrast to make the picture look juicy. Otherwise, you can make the photo unattractive. Look at the original photo so that the object, or rather its color and texture, doesn’t change much after editing.


The rules for promoting a business and attracting customers are the same for both large platforms and small online stores. However, each one implements them differently. If you are a beginner, consider creating content by yourself to reduce your budget, because it also isn’t so difficult. Besides, if you are a creative person, this can add a unique style to your project, since even photos of goods can look like a memorable sign of your brand.