‘Next Evolution’ of Carbone Smolan

Ken Carbone and Leslie Smolan of Carbone Smolan Agency report:

“We are excited to announce the next evolution of the Carbone Smolan Agency. As of January 1, we have entered into a strategic alliance with the Chicago-based firm 50,000feet (“50k”). We have joined forces in New York to offer the best in brand experience by delivering insightful strategy, content development, design, and digital activation.

‘This alliance with CSA is ideally timed, as a growing percentage of our client base is in New York,’ said Jim Misener, 50k’s President. ‘This venture is a great fit across the spectrum of account types, services, quality of work, breadth of experience, reputation, and culture.’

With 50k’s twenty-year legacy of winning top accounts in the US, coupled with the four decades CSA has collaborated with global brands, the alliance is a clear benefit for our current and future clients. We are delighted to have found a top-tier group to leverage CSA’s reputation, team, and portfolio as they explore new ways to create opportunities through the lens of 50k.”

Shown here: Ken Carbone, Leslie Smolan, Jim Misener