Trollbäck+Company Adds Bishop and Roberts

Trollbäck+Company has named Bo Bishop as Executive Director, Creative Strategy and Fran Roberts as Creative Director.

Bishop was formerly Director of Strategy/Creative Director at branding agency loyalkaspar, where he was involved in projects nominated for multiple Emmy Awards, including a win for Outstanding Promotional Announcement in 2016 for CNN’s The Seventies campaign. As Executive Director, Creative Strategy at Trollbäck+Company, Bishop will be responsible for guiding key strategic and creative initiatives, both for partners and within the company.

Fran Roberts has 15 years’ experience as a director and creative director working with brands such as Apple, Reebok, Rockstar Games, and Hilton. He brings a versatile and adaptive design and production expertise including live-action direction, retail experience design, next-generation graphics. Roberts is expected to focus on innovation and pedagogy within the company — integrating new methods and emergent technologies at a foundational creative level to offer new services and solutions to clients, and mentoring team members to improve and extend our collective skillset.

COO Alex Moulton says: “Bo has been instrumental to the success of our largest client engagements over the past year and he quickly became an indispensable part of our team.” As for Roberts, Moulton notes: “Fran is a prolific dynamo whose imagination is as expansive as his creative generosity.”