Red Peak Identity For Tech Firm Focuses on Connections

Brand strategy and design agency Red Peak created a visual identity, logo and brand personality for the former TBC Holdings, an ad tech company backed by GSO Capital Partners, which recently took the new name Vivial.

After acquiring several disparate ad tech companies, the client came to Red Peak with a request:  to create a unifying look and feel for the company as it transitioned from a holding company to a single entity with a new name. The brand identity and logo had to signal leadership, energy and excitement to stand out in a category cluttered with tech-speak and jargon.


Red Peak’s solution started with a logo and visual identity system intended to conveys the brand’s key attributes and themes through design and messaging. The creative plays off the vitality of the new  name and employs a theme evoking connection in its visual language (line-dot-line) to suggest supportive partnership. From mobile site development to SEO and CRM programs, they are experts in creating and sustaining customer connections. This focus on connections became the foundation of the identity; at its center the I’s within the mark are said to represent the customer, and the literal connections Vivial seeks to create. From that, a visual language shows a one to one connection, or a vast landscape of customer interactions.


Credits at Red Peak include Chief Creative Officer Stewart Devlin; Creative Director Andy Haug; Design Director Iwona Waluk; Designer Achu Fones; and Junior Designers Jieun Lee and Aya Kawabata.