Sagmeister & Walsh Offer Dump Trump Memorabilia

Sagmeister & Walsh is making available a series of original pins and other memorabilia to protest Donald Trump, as well as to motivate millennials and swing state voters. The initiative includes T-shirts, posters, stickers and temporary tattoos as well as the pins. Participants include Sagmeister & Walsh, Hort, Olimpia Zagnoli, Brian Rea, Jean Jullien, Timothy Goodman, Ward Sutton, Will Bryant, Coucou Suzette, AdamJK, RoAndCo Studio and Jon Contino.



Comments Jessica Walsh: “We want everyone to be able to wear their heart, and politics, on their sleeves, or bags or jackets … we are well aware that pins won’t save the world, but wearing them will at least make us feel a little better, and convincing our liberal friends, especially in swing states, to remember to register and vote for Hillary could make a world of difference.” Profits are being donated to Amnesty International’s #americaIbelievein charity.