Schick Celebrates Men’s Individuality

Schick is launching a new brand positioning, a challenge to the grooming industry status quo. The “Be You. No One Else Can” campaign celebrates men as they are and encourages them to embrace their individuality. The project includes a new logo, minimalist packaging, redesigned website, video-led creative and digital-first activations on Reddit and TikTok that give men a platform to join the conversation and tell their unique stories.


A national survey informed this consumer-first approach. Data revealed that 85% of men prefer to see real, everyday people depicted in ads. Schick worked with creative agency Partners & Spade and Academy Award nominated film director Mike Mills to partner on the brand storytelling featuring real interviews with men from across the country, capturing unscripted content that champions authenticity. The unfiltered spots are presented via a minimalist, black and white presentation.

“Shave cateogry ads have put men in narrowly defined boxes for many years, and what we heard with our survey is that men want this type of advertising to depict real individuals. Grooming plays a key role in self-expression, so we’re reshaping the category narrative by focusing on authentic representation to resonate with our existing and broader audience,” said Matt Bell, Senior Vice President of Schick North America.

Schick is also taking to social media to continue listening to men in real time with the intention of leveraging insights in future communication. On Reddit, the brand is sparking discussion with an Ask Me Anything (AMA) series that encourages men to share their unique stories. The brand will also launch a TikTok Hashtag Challenge asking consumers “What is something people would be surprised to know about you?”