Seattle Pride Embraces Galactic Love

Seattle Pride has launched a new theme – Galactic Love – which received heavy use during LGBTQ+ Pride Month. Chosen through a community poll, the branding, developed in collaboration with Seattle creative agency People People, is described as  capturing the essence of the queer community as one big, extravagant galaxy — with a cosmic design scheme that pays homage to the nostalgia of the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s intergalactic trends. The new look was featured in communications and at events throughout June.



The centerpiece of the branding is a  logotype that was featured in the Seattle Pride in the Park event and Seattle Pride Parade. People People utilized and customized the Avant Garde typeface — inspired by Avant Garde magazine — chosen to project an  abundance of personality with futuristic, unconventional angles and bold geometry — and to bring an element of retro-futurism to the forefront. Notably, the logo is paired with a bright holographic pattern as a futuristic interpretation of the pride flag.



In addition to the logo, the visual identity and overall aesthetic is carried through posters, ads, signs, mainstage backdrop, shirts, and a custom icon suite that represents the diverse range of happenings during Pride month. Drawing inspiration from retro influences such as sci-fi movie posters and album art from iconic productions like Tron, Galaxina, Metropolis, and Starlight Express, the icon styling embraces space-age nostalgia. Each icon is reminiscent of collectible stickers from the ’80s, combining the vibrant aesthetics of Lisa Frank with the excitement of Galaga, resulting in an eye-catching visual language.



“I love the applications of this visual identity across all platforms – our Supernova night club launch and the t-shirt, done by a local trans-woman-owned print shop, who replicated the hologram die cut in the shirt. We’re all aboard the spaceship together,” said Nick Albritton, programs coordinator for Seattle Pride.