Saint Urbain Woos Sartorial Drinkers

Can-Tini is a new CPG brand that specializes in ready-to-drink espresso martinis. The folks at Can-tini approached creative agency Saint Urbain with a goal: capture the fun yet sophisticated feeling of ordering an espresso martini at a cool bar. The task: develop a brand identity, packaging system, and animation style that would embody a retro, bold, fun, and stylish aesthetic while appealing to a younger generation of sartorial drinkers. For the team at Saint Urbain, that meant creating a custom script logo that embodies Can-tini’s playful sophistication and developed a color palette, typographic system, and layout style that, while inspired by the era, is still modern and distinct. The logo became the focal point on the cans and boxes, while a repeating pattern added a whimsical touch, complementing the retro aesthetic. Credits include Creative Director Alex Ostroff, Art Director Véronique Lafortune and Senior Designer Agathe Morin.