45 Pin Project Buttons Up Support For Hillary

Campaign buttons are a tangible and personal way to tell the story of a candidate and express support for a campaign. Jennifer Kinon, a principle at OCD and also Design Director of Hillary for America, invited 45 graphic designers to create button designs that embody why they support Ms. Clinton.



Dubbed The 45 Pin Project, referencing the quest to become the 45th President, participants include the likes of Gail Anderson, Roger Black, Michael Bierut, Stephen Doyle, Louise Fili, Tobias Frere-Jones, Randy Hunt, Nicole Jacek, Bobby C. Martin Jr., Joe Marianek, Debbie Millman, Noreen Morioka, Robynne Raye, Paula Scher, Jennifer Sterling, Scott Stowell and, of course, many others whom you can see here. Design themes include her gender, her interests, her agenda and some not-so-subtle jabs at opponent Donald J. Trump.