3rd Brody Monograph Explores Past 30 Years Of Career

Published by Thames & Hudson, this long awaited third monograph on the work of one of the most important British designers of his generation — intersecting between graphic design, communication design, and graphic art — showcases projects from the last 30 years of Neville Brody’s career. Brody has fused influences from art, design, fashion, music, low and high cultures to produce a body of commercial work that covers editorial, brand identity, typography, and interface design global clients that include Shiseido, Coca-Cola, Samsung, Nikon, LVMH, Nike, and Dom Perignon, and UK clients such as the BBC, Channel 4, Tate Modern and The Times of London.



The Graphic Language of Neville Brody 3 brings this work together in thematic sections that address the key fields of his vibrant design projects including typographic experimentation, information graphics, cultural subversion, and design systems. Each project is explored in detail, revealing the work the defined Brody’s recent career across six chapters, from major brands to magazine editorials and features, showing how his design language has evolved since the 1990s.



The authors are Adrian Shaughnessy, graphic designer, writer, and publisher based in London and, of course, Neville Brody himself. Projected release date: June 27.